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If you are planning a Camo wedding, these cakes are top picks for your big day.

Wedding planning can be very stressful, there are so many decisions to make and a very long list of things to be done. The wedding cake is arguably one of the top priority items on your checklist, a wedding just simply isn’t a wedding without an awesome cake. Your wedding cake isn’t just an after dinner dessert which your guests can look forward to, it shows off your style and taste as a couple. Both the flavor and the design of the cake are important. You need to please your guests taste buds at the end of a long night of dancing, as well as show off your unique style in the design of the cake.

We have done the hard work for you and narrowed down some cake options for your big day. If you are planning a country or Camo themed wedding, you are sure to find some good cake inspiration in this article. While we cannot help with the cake flavor (although chocolate is always a winner), we have compiled a list of the top 5 cake designs that are perfectly suited for a country or Camo wedding. You can check that cake box off of your to-do list by the end of this article.

You cake can celebrate your differences (via: Pinterest)

1. The Two-faced Cake

The perfect cake option for the couples who are undecided on a style. The two-faced cake is made up of two very different halves which create a very interesting wedding cake. These cakes typically have a very traditional half and the other half is more on the wild, eccentric side. Some couples may decide to turn this into a his and hers style cake, showing off each of their individual personalities.

For the Camo couple this is an excellent option if you are undecided between going the more traditional route, or going the fully rustic route. A beautiful elegant white side is complimented by your outdoor country side. You can add your own personal touches to the Camo side of the cake to show off your style as a couple.

The awesome thing about this cake is that it usually also has two different flavors in the two different halves. This is another way you can show off your own personal likes, but as a united couple. Flavors like cookies and cream, or chocolate and vanilla are great examples of how your individual tastes can compliment each other.

The two-faced cake will be sure to impress and surprise your guests. It is also a lovely metaphor of a marriage – two very different individuals, being joined together as one.

Your cake can remind guests about the important things in life… like huntin’ (via: Pinterest)

2. The Hunting Themed Cake

This style cake is brilliant for those couples who love the outdoors and hunting together. One would think that a hunting cake might be a little too “gory” for your wedding day, but you can have your cake and eat it with these pretty designs.

If you are looking for a cake that is on the more simplistic side then you can stick to some beautiful outdoor art on the tiers of your cake and top it with your hunting couple cake topper. This subtly brings in your hunting couple style without being too over the top. Beautiful leaves, branches and flowers can be used to decorate these cakes to add the elegant yet rustic element to it.

If you are looking for a completely rebellious cake to suit your wild side, then go all out and have a fully Camo cake. These cakes can be decorated in Camo patterns and topped with either couple cake toppers or hunting gear. Another great way to incorporate this theme is to have a small more traditional cake with hunting themed cupcakes surrounding it. This way you can bring both he wild and traditional sides together. There are also so many great options to choose from to decorate your cupcakes.

Your cake can be a tasteful (excuse the pun) extension of the rustic setting (via: Pinterest)

3. The Rustic Cake

Rustic wedding cakes are a really fabulous way to bring in your country or Camo theme without being too obvious or in your face. These cakes are great for any season throughout the year and are particularly gorgeous for outdoor weddings and for the outdoor loving couples.

Bring the country flare with beautiful elements from nature on your cake design. What is really lovely about this style of cake is that you can choose to bring in as many or as little natural elements in as you like. You can be over the top and have your entire cake decorated to look like a log, complete with twigs and branches. You can choose to be understated and add a few beautiful blooms and branches to your white cake. Another popular rustic style is the “bare” cake, where the layers are exposed and it looks really natural and is decorated with fresh flowers, beautiful for summer weddings.

Your rustic cake can be decorated according to the seasons as well. Add more blossoms and flowers for spring and summer, or opt for more twigs, barks and leaves for fall and winter weddings. Whatever the season, your rustic cake will bring in the outdoor elegance your country wedding needs.

Your cake can show off a shared passion, in fun and creative ways (via: Pinterest)

4. The Mudding Cake

These cakes are one of a kind and perfect for the country couples who like to get dirty in their free time. If you are a mudding couple then you may want to stop right here and have a look at these cake ideas. While one might think that mudding and wedding cakes don’t belong in the same sentence, let alone in a design together, these cakes can be a real wow factor if done right. Mudding cakes will fit perfectly into a real Camo themed wedding.

Depending on how adventurous you are as a couple, you can choose to add a tiny element of mudding, or totally mud out your cake. Picture a traditional white wedding cake, decorated with pretty flowers, being sprayed with a soft mist of mud from a 4×4 fondant truck. For the mudding couple this can be quite a beautiful cake option as it is still romantic and elegant with the slightest touch of crazy. For the real mudding crazy couples you can “demolish” your cake with all the chocolate mud your hearts desire to create a beautiful mess of a cake.

At the end of the day your wedding cake represents who you are as a couple, and if a muddy wedding cake represents you well, then go for it and mud it up.

Your cake can be a celebration of who you are and the things you love (via: Pinterest)

5. The Redneck Pride Cake

If y’all consider yourselves to be a proud redneck couple, then these cakes are just for you…. In our opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with adding a couple of beers to your wedding cake, if that’s your style.

Redneck-themed cakes can be taken totally over the top, with beer cans as tier dividers and a rebel flag draped across, or they can be more understated with just a few subtle elements.  They are usually also a little more on the fun side than traditional cakes, intended to bring out the humor of your country loving guests.

It’s sad but true that some may find these cakes in bad taste (excuse the pun), but let’s face it, a little Redneck pride is never out of place at a Camo wedding. Whatever you may think of them, we think these cakes are an opportunity to celebrate some of your favorite things in life and who you are.

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