Accessorize Your Camo Kids

You don’t need an excuse to style your precious lil’ ones in awesome Camo gear. Your country kiddo’s can always be at the top of their Camo game by adding 1 or 2 funky accessories to their outfit.

Make everyday a Camo day with these awesome styling tips for kids….

Personalized Camo Baby Beanie

Hats and caps are not only great for keeping your lil’ ones warm and for keeping the sun off of their face, but they also make the perfect accessory to any outfit.

We love personalized items, especially for kids. There are some awesome hats for your littles complete with their name on it.

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Cute Personalized Camo Newborn Hat

Personalized hats are great for photos and special occasions, they make lovely gifts too.

Keep your kids messy hair under Camo control by throwing on a stylish Camo cap, hat or beanie any time of the year.

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Forest Friends Crochet Hat Patterns

If you consider yourself to be more of the crafty type, why not create your very own hat for your kids.

There are a wide range of awesome country style patterns for y’all to knit or crochet your own original hat. These types of hats make lovely DIY gifts and keepsakes. The best part is that you get to choose what you like in the color you like.

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Adorable Camo Headband made with True Timber

Which mama doesn’t love a pretty headband for their lil’ gal?!

Headbands are an easy way to dress up any outfit with Camo style. There are so many awesome headband designs and colors, y’all could have one for each day of the week. Headbands are perfect for keeping messy toddler hair out of their eyes and add a pretty touch to any outfit.

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Oh Deer Headband Set

If you feel like getting creative, grab your favorite Camo fabrics and charms and have a fun filled craft day with your little princess.

Not only will you create some great memories but you will also have some awesome original headbands to add to your accessory collection. Headbands are easy and inexpensive to make, y’all just need to find the inspiration.

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Camo Baby Clip-on Bow Ties

Crafts and DIY days are not only reserved for mom’s and gals. You can have an awesome time with your son making a great collection of Camo bowties.

Instead of a wrap around style, try adding a pin to each bow, making it simple to add to any outfit of the day. These are also awesome for baby boys and look super awesome on any color onesie.

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Camo Bow Tie and Orange Suspender Set

Adding a cute lil’ Camo bowtie to a simple outfit can style your son in no time.

If you are looking for something extra special, mini suspenders are all the rage at the moment and can take any outfit to the next level of country cool.

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Hunting Baby Bandana Bibs

Y’all may think that bibs are purely for keeping your bub clean and try. Think again! You get awesome style bibs that look so cool you may want to add them to your bubs outfit just to look Camo fabulous.

There are a few doesn’t styles to choose from, but our favorite is the bandana style which brings out the cowboy look in your lil’ boy or girl. Don’t you love it when function and style meet to make something great?!

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Cute and Colorful Camo Baby Booties

A good pair of Camo shoes can easily match most outfits and are perfect for the great country outdoors.

Mix and match your favorite shoes with your favorite hat or headband to create awesome outfits for your country kids.

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Camo Baby Cowboy Boots with Pink Bow

OK, so maybe boots can’t really be classified as an accessory, but more like an essential item..

Having a great pair of baby boots can dress up any girl or boys outfit, no matter how old they are. While comfort is most certainly key when it comes to kids shoes, style doesn’t have to be compromised.

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