Camo Fleece Baby Blankets

Camo Fleece Baby Blankets

Camo Fleece Baby Blankets, in all the colors of the Camo Rainbow.

If you are struggling to hunt down a Camo baby shower gift, look no further. Blankets are the perfect gift… No guessing the size of the unborn buck or doe, and if the gender is being kept under wraps, regular ol’ Camo is the ultimate gender-neutral color. And let’s face it, new mamas can never have too many blankets at hand, especially when baby makes a mess and laundry is falling behind.

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Featuring a snuggly soft backing, the Camo fleece material of these blankets is absolutely divine – super soft on the baby’s delicate skin. Available in colours: pink, natural, purple, orange, blue and white, there’s a blanket to suit each baby’s evolving Camo style, whilst keeping them snug and warm!

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