Camo Kid’s Gift Guide

When it comes to buying gifts for kids, it really is the thought that counts.

I know, I know, it sounds like a cliche – the thought that counts – but pick the wrong gift and it ain’t gonna be appreciated, and that’s a fact – no matter how much cash you forked over for it.

The thing is, the young folk don’t care about how much their gift cost. They care about what they WANT and what they NEED. So go ahead and put a little thought into it, before you waste your hard earnt pennies.

And, if you find yourself lost, unable to find something – here are some ideas to get you started…

Adorable Camo Christmas Baby Outfit

If y’all are shopping for a special occasion, you can’t go wrong with a CUTE outfit.

Christmas and birthdays are usually filled with toys. Gorgeous kids clothes last a lot longer and look a lot cuter than trucks and dolls – especially for tiny bubs.

They are also great for those precious first photos – that ones that you can bring out years later to embarass em in front of their first serious girlfriend or boyfriend.

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"Daryl The Deer" Crochet Stuffed Buck Toy

Have you noticed that is often the handmade or homemade gifts that become treasured keepsakes. Perhaps it’s because actual LOVE went into the makin’ of them.

Don’t fancy yourself to be crafty? Grab your granny and some crochet needles and keep ’em busy throughout the year.

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Camo Fleece Baby Blankets

When buying gifts for babies it can sometimes be difficult to choose something appropriate, especially if you don’t know what they already have or what they need.

There’s nothing worse than havin’ your baby grow out of cute clothes before they get the chance to wear em.

Which is why buying somethin’ like a gorgeous blanket makes such good sense. They won’t outgrow it quickly, and may one day even want to pass it down to their own lil’ hunters.

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Baby Buck Blankie Toy

Another practical gift for country bubs, are cute comforter or teething toys – Cause y’all know how much bubs is gonna need those two things!

Every mama is sure to have a soft cuddly toy stashed in her diaper bag, why not look for somethin’ that is soft and cuddly with tags or teething rings on it.

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'Camo Cutie' 3 piece Camo Baby Set

And remember, if you are buying for a lil’ girl, you can’t go wrong with bright colors.

As luck would have it, the Camo Gods have been kind, with many cute Camo colors to choose from.

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Beautiful Deer Print Fabric Baby Gift Set

Another great idea for the lil’ hunter are baby sets with country-inspired designs, that have a modern twist.

You can find the cutest sets with hats and bows, blankets or even teething rings included – with beautiful matching woodland designs for lil’ bucks and lil’ does. Gifts like these are perfect for any occasion!

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Adorable Buck and Doe Plush Toys

Ain’t it funny how children can NEVER have enough plush toys, and will ALWAYS have room for ‘just one more’?!

And there are some adorable options, that become special keepsakes and are even suitable as decor.

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Camo and Canvas Play Teepee

Pick the right gift, and it’ll become the center of fond childhood memories, that they remember for the rest of their lives.

Often it may be something a little different, that the other kids in the neighbourhood don’t have. And even better, if it’s something that have Mom or Dad can join in on the fun times.

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Struggling with ideas? Think about what they enjoying doing, and if they need particular clothing to do it.

Most Camo Kids want to be adventuring outdoors, all year round. So a great jacket is the perfect pick, especially for Christmas gifts when it is cold out.

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Deer with Antlers Hooded Baby Towel

No matter what y’all decide to get your kids, if it looks cute and cuddly (or Camo), it’s sure to be a winner.

And remember, it ain’t how much you spend, but the thought that counts. And that is never more true, than when buying gifts for kids.

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