Real Camo Nails

We tracked down the creative gal who came up with these AWESOME Camo nail designs and got the inside scoop on how she came up with the idea as well as some tips on how to create this look at home…

'Real Camo Nails' Tutorial

Real Camo Nails (via: Andrea Losee, Pinked Out Salon)

Andrea is a talented nail tech who lives with her three beautiful daughters and husband in Summerville, South Carolina. She is originally from American Fork, Utah where she graduated from Color My Nails School in January 2011. In March 2011, Andrea started doing nails out of her home in Utah, with hopes that it would quickly become a successful business.

Having 5 sisters definitely played to her advantage as she had plenty of nails to practice on and advertise with. Within her first year of starting her business she had a full clientèle and had to turn people away, which says a lot about the quality her work.

In August 2013 the REAL Camo Nails method was created for the first time by Andrea, and the trend has taken off like a hound in hunting season.

Growing up in a family of hunters, so you could say that the Camo lifestyle is in Andrea’s blood.

Her very first Camo nail was designed on her sister-in-law, who was having a Camo themed wedding and wanted fun Camo nails to match. Andrea combined 4 earth colors randomly on her sister in laws nails, which would later become the base for all of her Camo nail designs.

A few years passed and a client came in and requested the Camo nails that she had seen from that wedding. Feeling creative, Andrea looked online for inspiration and found a lady who used dried leaves in her nail art. The idea was genius and sparked Andrea’s brilliant idea of using rustic elements from nature and drying them out to use on her Camo designs…

And so the REAL Camo Nail was created!

'Real Camo Nails' Tutorial - You Had Me At Camo

The Camo nail is Andrea’s favorite design to do for her clients, which shows in her work.

Her passion for Camo definitely inspires some beautiful designs. From the first day that she put up her first REAL Camo Nail design onto social media, ladies have been obsessed with this awesome idea and have flooded Andrea with messages from all over the world wanting to know more about it.

Some ladies have even requested that she makes the designs on fake nails and sends them over to them from across the world. While the questions have died down a little lately, the hype hasn’t and this is still one of Andrea’s most popular nail designs to date.

Andrea loves creating new looks for each of her clients, with each one being totally unique and original. She hasn’t had any totally outrageous requests as of yet, but she looks forward to being creative and coming up with any new designs her clients may want in the future. She has recently recreated a Realtree-inspired look for a client, which came out fantastic.

Andrea uses acrylic colors but says that she has tried out this technique using hard gels and says it works just as well. She uses items found in nature such as leaves, twigs, bark, grass, weeds and stems. Her favorites are the bark, stems and the wheat looking weed ends, they make it look 3D!

The best time to gather your items is in fall, according to her, because of all of the great earthy colors. She recommends that you pick a good assortment because the colors do change over time. To dry out her items, she places them between pages of books so that they dry as flat as possible.

Andrea’s advice for new beginners:

Don’t be afraid to try it out! Try it on a fake nail at first, if you would like to get the process down for applying the dried items.  You really can’t go wrong with it. The most important step is the first layer of colors, says Andrea.  You want them very thin so you can encapsulate all the dried items in the acrylic, and you have to work fast to allow the dried items to stick to that first layer.

If you are in the Summerville area, be sure to look Andrea up at Pinked Out Salon. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, have a go at recreating the REAL design yourself with our easy 5 Step tutorial…

'Real Camo Nails' Tutorial

So, here’s how to have REAL CAMO NAILS in 5 Easy Steps…

For best results, we suggest you seek out a qualified Nail Technician, like Andrea, as the natural materials can potentially damage the nail, if not done with appropriate care and knowledge .

However, if you do want to create this AWESOME Camo look at home yourself, here is Andrea’s simple tutorial.

This tutorial is for acrylic nails but can be done with hard gel using the same steps. If you want to try this out with nail polish on your natural nail, you can also follow these steps but try to use extremely flat well-dried items (like leaves) to prevent bubbles and peeling.

Have fun with it and be creative, you can’t go wrong when creating something natural – nature is imperfect and random!

Step One:

Choose your 4 colors and your dried out items. Have them laid out ready to use.

Step Two:

Apply a very thin layer of your 4 colors. Your colors should touch so that there is no bare nail showing.

Step Three:

Randomly place your dried out items and press down firmly. You need to work fast to ensure the items stick to the acrylic before it starts to dry.

Step Four:

Cover your entire nail with clear acrylic, making sure all of the items are covered.

Step Five:

File and shape into the style you prefer, making sure everything is neat and smooth. Don’t fuss too much or you will cause the dried items to flake off. Finish off with thin layer of clear topcoat.

Camo Nails Tutorial - You Had Me At Camo

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