Rustic Wedding Decor Ideas

If y’all are planning a Camo wedding, then we have some great rustic wedding decor ideas for you.

Even though your wedding theme may be Camo, it doesn’t mean that you are limited to using Camo decor for everything. Here is some inspiration for the Camo bride who is looking for tips on styling her Camo wedding…..

Personalized Rustic Wedding Cake Topper

Your wedding cake is one of those highly anticipated events on your big day. Your guests will be waiting to see the style that you have chosen to display your couple style as Mr & Mrs.

There are so many great alternatives to the regular fondant cake toppers, you just need to find the style that suits you as a couple. The look of your wedding cake is almost as important as the taste of it. Make a statement with something rustic that will compliment your Camo theme.

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The Hunt is Over Wedding Cake Topper

Add a rustic edge to your wedding cake by choosing a trendy topper made from wood.

There are amazing options out there, from wood slices with your names carved into it, or beautifully etched buck and doe signs. Even the simplest of wedding cakes can look country chic with the right cake topper.

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Rustic Cake Stands

If your cake is a super simple one, or perhaps you have chosen to go with something other than an actual cake; you can still add a rustic element by having an awesome cake stand.

Whether you have a cake, small pastries or trendy cupcakes, use chunky wooden cake stands that double as table decor and creates a dramatic outdoor look to your dessert table. This will match your Camo theme perfectly.

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Rustic Wedding Table Numbers Centerpiece

Table numbers are both for function and decor. Your guests need to know where they are sitting, but you can incorporate these numbers into your decor for each table.

Wooden numbers are perfect for Camo and country themed weddings, as they bring in the element of nature and also blend in well with your flower arrangements. If you get numbers that have longer stems at the bottom, you can easily add these to jars and vases to combine them with your decor.

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Rustic Wedding Table Numbers

If you are looking for stand alone table numbers but don’t want to compromise on your theme, standing wooden numbers are always a chic option and match any table decor.

If you are looking for something a bit more unique you can use just about anything to create the specific look you are after. From reclaimed barnwood to Mason Jars, you can paint or print your table number onto anything to create your own signature look. There are no rules!

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Rustic Wedding Marquee Lights

Another excellent way to add decor to your wedding venue is by using your Monogram or other initials and short phrases.

You can add marquee light signs throughout your reception venue to add that starry hollywood touch. These types of pieces are also great for decorating your home with after the wedding and make lovely keepsakes.

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Boot Confetti

If y’all are the type who are looking to keep things simple, or perhaps you have a limited budget; don’t be fooled into thinking you can’t add some awesome rustic elements to your table.

Adding something as simple as confetti to your tables can bring your theme to life and doesn’t cost the earth. Simple flowers, candles or lights can make a world of difference to any bare table. No matter your budget or theme, there are amazing things you can do to make your tables country cool.

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Personalized Rustic Crates

Create interesting tablescapes and fill empty spaces with bulky things like old school milk cans and crates.

You can personalize just about anything these days, which adds that extra special wedding day touch. You can also incorporate these decor items into functional elements, for example the wooden crates could double as envelope boxes.

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Rustic Wedding Guestbook Alternative

You can also use sign boards and wedding guest book boards as part of your decor.

Rustic guestbook alternatives make stunning wedding day decor and look amazing in your home after the wedding. We are all about functional decor plus it adds to the memories in your home.

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Rustic Camo Wedding Wineglass and Cake Server Set

If y’all are trying to stick to a few traditional wedding day elements but want to add your own Camo twist to it, it can be done!

Things like toasting glasses and cake knives are excellent items to add your personal touch to. Adding burlap, twine, flowers and charms to these items will help bring your main table to Camo life and will look gorgeous in your kitchen as a married couple.

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Rustic Wedding Decor

The options are really unlimited and you can add as much or as little rustic or country elements to your wedding as you like.

Camo weddings are so much more than just a choice in fabric, it’s expressing the lifestyle you will live as husband and wife. There are no rules, only choices to be made!

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