Choosing The Perfect Camo Wedding Dress

As your big day approaches you will find yourself searching for the perfect wedding dress.

A wedding dress not only shows off your personal style, but also shows off your figure. What you may dream of wearing and what actually suits your figure may be completely different. We are here to help you ‘figure’ out which style dress will have your groom’s jaw dropped….

Elegant White Camo Wedding Dress with Beading

An elegant ballgown is always at the top of every bride’s list.

Although a princess ballgown isn’t always suitable for every woman’s figure, you do get the toned down version. Full ballgowns suit shorter women with a petite figure. If you are a taller woman, go for the less is more approach. Keep it classic with white and add subtle touches of Camo.

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White Camo and Lace Wedding Dress

Another great take on a ballgown is the drop waist.

This style suits the fuller figure ladies, especially if there is added waist detail such as layers and beading. Adding lace and some sparkles to a classic shape dress keeps with the soft and sophisticated look.

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Lace-up Camo Wedding Dress with Beading

If you are looking for something a little more traditional, stick to white satin dresses with long trains.

Strapless with a laceup back are also both classic and elegant. If you are looking to add a lil’ bit of Camo, try adding a trim or laceup in your favorite Camo pattern.

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Wedding Dress made with Realtree Snow Camo

There are so many beautiful Camo patterns available in classic bridal satin.

If you are looking to adventure outside of the traditional white box, why not choose a dress in your favorite white Camo pattern. That way you get the best of both worlds.

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Camo and Orange Wedding Dress made with Mossy Oak

While sticking to white Camo patterns is a great twist to a traditional white gown, y’all can add even more of a personal touch by adding a pop of color to your dress.

Keep things simple in order to keep it classy, adding your pop of color to the trim of your dress or in the lace at the back of your dress.

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High-Low Style Camo Wedding Dress

There is a style for every gal out there, no matter how adventurous your personality is.

Custom dresses are always a great option for those ladies who are looking for something that the stores just don’t have. Design your own dress and add your own Camo touches to it to create the dress of your Camo dreams. If you are going to throw away the rulebook, you may as well have fun and try something less traditional.

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Camo Wedding Dress with Tulle Peek-a-boo Skirt

Another great alternative to a full ballgown is to go with one that has a pickup skirt.

This means that the bottom of the dress has many gathers to create a unique ruffled look. This style of dress suits most body types, add straps for a more comfortable fit. If y’all just love your Camo, go all out and have your dress made in your favorite Camo fabric and design. Keep a few white elements to keep things a touch bridal.

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Muddy Girl Camo Wedding Dress

The most important thing to remember when choosing your wedding dress is that it’s YOUR dream dress.

If you want to go all out and have a full on pink Muddy Girl dress, then go for it! You only get to choose your first wedding dress once in your life; make it memorable! And you never know, your daughter may one day want to wear it to her prom or wedding.

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