How to have yourself a very Camo Christmas

Christmas ain’t Country, without Camo.

If I’m guessin’ correctly, y’all have prob’ly been to more than a few Camo Weddings, Camo Baby Showers and Camo Birthdays. So, ain’t it a little strange that Christmas – the most festive time of year – usually gets left out of the Camo tradition?

It ain’t right. So we wanna set it straight…

Here are some ideas, to help you and your kin get a Camo Christmas tradition started – enjoy!……

"Our First Christmas" Buck & Doe Ornament

Christmas all starts with the decor.What atmosphere would your home have without the beautiful big tree and festive ornaments scattered around it.

If y’all are newly weds or find yourselves buying your first tree, there are great country-themed ornaments to mark the special occasion with.

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Camo Wreaths

Step two in the must have decor department is a Christmas wreath. While these can be a lil’ pricey from some stores, why not create your own family wreaths each year.

This could be a fun way to get crafty and start your own festive tradition. Y’all can create your very own style wreaths to reflect your family personality.

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Personalized Camo Christmas Stockings

No home should be without Camo Christmas stockings.

It’s a little known fact that some of Santa’s friends – the elves I guess – like to call him Camo Claus behind his back, because he LOVES Camo so much…. Think about it, how does he get around the earth without anyone EVER spotting his sleigh!…

The answer is, Camo! So make sure your stockings are designed to please him.

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Camping Camo Christmas Elves

Elf on the Shelf has been a recent addition to Christmas tradition worldwide. Why stop there? Dress-up your elf in his finest Camo gear, so that he can enjoy the country outdoors too!

This is an awesome way to add your own Camo twist to the elf tradition.

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Cute Camo Santa Hats including Muddy Girl

Camo Christmas hats add a cute twist to traditional Santa Hats.

Because, we know Santa would wear ’em if Mrs Claus would let him, and they keep your ears warm too.

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"Santa's Favorite Huntin' Helper" Camo Baby Set

But let’s not leave the lil’ people out of the Camo Christmas tradition.

Christmas designs look great matched with Camo colors. And there are some awesome outfits that will look so CUTE in your holiday family photos.

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Shotgun Shell Christmas Lights

What would Christmas be without some fairy lights? Well why not ditch those boring lights and grab some that celebrate your country roots.

Lights made from upcycled shotgun shells bring the Christmas glow in true country style.

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Personalized Buck & Doe Heart Copper Ornament

Christmas tree ornaments are the perfect way to remember family milestones and memories.

These also make awesome gifts, that will have the lucky buck or doe enjoy fond memories, year after year.

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Homemade Hot Chocolate Mason Jar

Mason Jars and Camo go together like Moonshine and – um – Mason Jars… 

Fill ’em with the makings of Hot Chocolate, and you’ve got an awesome lil’ gift for your guests to take at the end of the night. These are super easy to make and a nice lil’ touch that your guests will appreciate (and prob’ly copy next Christmas).

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Mason Jar Christmas Lights

And while we are on the subject, y’all can never go wrong adding Mason Jars to your Camo Christmas decorations.

Filled with fairy lights or a candle, Mason Jars make beautiful display pieces for your home over the festive season.

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