Inspired By Nature

Inspiration is all around us, and we need not look very far to find it.

Here are our favorite pieces of jewelry, ‘inspired by nature’ – the perfect pairing for your Camo style…..

Fireflies in a Mason Jar Pendant Necklace

The most unlikely things can inspire wonderfully creative pieces of jewelry.

Things that bring back memories of childhood or summer nights. Things that are simple but significant, to us.

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Beautiful Antler Necklace

What others may think is just a pretty necklace, to us means so much more. It’s about Dad teaching us to shoot, or taking us hunting for the first time, or the first time we shot our own buck.

While antlers may be an on-trend item around the world, they are a symbol for our country upbringing and lifestyle – what makes our way of life incomparable to any other.

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Handmade Antler Earrings

And sometimes it’s the smallest items that have the greatest impression.

A small piece of inspired jewelry, like earrings, can often provide that finishing touch to your outfit, that brings your overall style into focus.

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Unique Handmade Rustic Rings

Nature is ‘perfect in it’s imperfection’. Just as no two branches or flowers are never the same, hand-crafted jewelry has the same beautifully imperfect quality.

There is something truly special about knowing that no-one else has the exact same item you are wearing.

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Silver Leaf Ring

And inspiration can come from the most simple elements, like a single leaf or a vine twisted around a branch.

What better way to complement your Camo style, than with jewelry inspired by elements from Camo patterns.

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Rustic Branch Rings

Jewelry can even be made from moulds taken from actual twigs or branches.

And cast in your favorite metal, with precious stones inset to add some sparkle.

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Silver Antler Ring made in France

Or, the jewelry-maker may start with inspiration found in nature, and then design something that is refined and polished.

Nature-inspired jewelry doesn’t have to look rustic, and can be incorporated into a more sophisticated or elegant look, by selecting pieces made with high-grade metals and more refined techniques.

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Silver Tree Stump Rings

If you love to delight and surprise people, why not wear something inspired by the most unlikely source.

Something as unexpected as a tree stump can be made into the most interesting piece, reminiscent of the fairy tales we were told as children, but worthy of a true country princess.

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And, if you want the ultimate way to add nature-inspired jewelry to your style, choose items made with real materials.

Materials, such as wood, stone or even antlers, have their own unique qualities. With craftsmanship they can formed in beautiful pieces of wearable art, not only inspired by nature, but made FROM nature.

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