Something Quite Deer

Baby Girls Camo Pillowcase Dress

Baby Girl’s Camo Pillowcase Dress, because girls look good in Camo too.

There tends to be a little bit of a stigma attached to the word Camo. People tend to think that Camo is reserved for hunters and outdoor men. But we know that Camo has so much more to offer than that! We love finding cute Camo items for your home, pets and kids too, because we know y’all love your Camo in every part of life.

This gorgeous little dress is perfect for showing off your love for Camo on kids.

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The design is a flowy pillowcase dress and it comes in the brightest of pinks. The Camo fabric at the bottom matches the deer appliqué on the dress and has the perfect amount of country style. The pretty little ribbon straps add an extra girly look to this cute lil’ summer outfit, and are also adjustable so that your baby girl can wear this dress for more than one summer.

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