‘S’ is for Super-Camo-Cowgirl!

Personalized Camo Cowgirl Embroidered Onesie

Personalized Camo Cowgirl Embroidered Onesie for your lil’ cowgirl.

A onesie has to be one of the most versatile  items in your baby’s closet. You can put it under their clothes as an extra layer, or dress it up with cute pants or skirts and a Camo jacket. You get so many cute designs, y’all can get every color and design your heart desires and have anew outfit for everyday.

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Your lil’ cowgirl definitely needs this in her baby closet. Match this detailed onesie with a cute pair of Camo pants and baby boots for a completed cowgirl look. Add your bub’s initial to the front in a Camo fabric, topped off with a cute pink paisley cowboy hat. This would make a great baby shower gift.

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