Daddy’s Lil’ Huntress

"Girls Hunt Too" Camo Baby Set made with Muddy Girl

“Girls Hunt Too” Camo Baby Set made with Muddy Girl, for daddy’s hunting princess.

We know that many of y’all love huntin’ and love to include your whole family in it. It’s old fashioned thinkin’ if you believe that hunting is just for the fellas. Daddy’s lil’ princess can hunt too, and we have found the perfect outfit that says so.

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This is a gorgeous outfit fit for any huntin’ princess. The gorgeous tutu skirt is made from strips of black lace and Camo fabrics, which comes with a matching black lace headband. The onesie is our favorite part because it proves that huntin’ ain’t just for boys. Forget the lil’ black dress, and go for the lil’ black huntin’ tutu with a touch of elegant white.

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