Baby dreamin’ of Huntin’

Hunting Themed Baby Blanket

Hunting Themed Baby Blanket, a cozy addition to your nursery.

Having a baby means shopping, lots and lots of shopping. There are so many things to buy, and of course y’all will need extra of certain things like blankets. Baby blankets are a great gift if y’all don’t know what to buy, they are versatile and always needed. From thick fleece winter ones, to thin flannel and cotton ones, a baby blanket is something every mama needs.

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Don’t y’all just love how gorgeous this baby blanket it? This hunting themed blanket is made from 100% cotton flannel and is the perfect swaddle option. The blanket is reversible with both sides having a whimsical deer theme. This blanket would be perfect for taking with you to the hospital to wrap your new bundle in.

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