A Rainbow of Camo for Lil’ Feet

Cute and Colorful Camo Baby Booties

Cute and Colorful Camo Baby Booties, grab ’em all!

When buying shoes for a baby, you shouldn’t only consider the fashionable side of things. It’s great to have cute looking shoes but y’all want your bub to be super comfortable. If you have a lil’ one who is taking their first steps, choosing the correct shoes becomes even more important. Luckily we have found a great option which covers both style and comfort.

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These Camo baby shoes are oh so cute and will go with nay Camo outfit. These shoes are handmade from cotton Camo fabric with colorful ankle linings. The sole of the shoe is non-slip Sherpa suede fleece which is soft and comfortable for tiny walking feet. Can’t decide which color to get, then get ’em all and have a different color to match each of your lil’ ones outfits.

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