The Cutest Baby Deer in Town

Baby Buck Blankie Toy

Baby Buck Blankie Toy that may almost be just as cute as your baby.

Every baby needs that soft comforting toy or blankie to hold onto when the big scary world gets the best of ’em. Having a lil’ lovey is a life safer for most moms and is something that your bub will hold onto for a few years to come. Choose something cute and cuddly like this gorgeous buck blankie.

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How gosh darn adorable is this lil’ lovey?! The buck is made out of super soft mink fabric with super cuddly minky on the back, tail and ears. The legs have a cool Camo fabric that is twisted into a knot, perfect for your baby to grab. Each of the legs have satin tags which are great for sensory touch, and one of them has a wooden teething ring. This blankie really has it all!

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