Changing on-the-Go never looked so good

Waterproof Camo Baby Changing Pad

Waterproof Camo Baby Changing Pad, stylish and convenient.

If y’all have a baby or are expecting to have one soon, then you know that you get super cute baby items out there, and you get the essentials. Not always are the essential items the super cute looking ones, in fact a lot of the necessities are rather boring looking and in need of a serious country facelift. We have found something that y’all need but it won’t cramp your country style.

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A changing pad is something every mom and bub needs. Not only does it provide a comfy place to change your baby but it also keeps any messes from ruining your changing surface. This pad is made from soft True Timber Camo fleece and waterproof material. The pad conveniently rolls up and is secured with a ribbon, making this the perfect changing mat on the go.

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