Who Knew A Tiny Hat Could be so Darn Cute?

Cute Personalized Camo Newborn Hat

Cute Personalized Camo Newborn Hat, a must have for your photos!

Whether y’all are having your first, second or fifth baby, it’s always a special occasion. Organizing a special photo shoot while your bub is still a tiny lil’ newborn creates wonderful memories that you can treasure forever. Finding the perfect outfit for your photos is another story all on it’s own. This lil’ hat may just be what you have been looking for.

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What could be cuter than a personalized Camo hat on a newborn baby. This hat will make any country dad proud! This hat is made from soft Camo fabric to ensure your new bub is comfy and warm. We love the rustic look of the “label” for the name and the long oversized end of the hat. Your bub is sure to look adorable in his photos no matter what pose he is in.

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