Every Dad Needs a Huntin’ Buddy.

Daddy's Hunting Buddy Camo Bib

Daddy’s Hunting Buddy Camo Bib, because every son is the perfect huntin’ bud!

Among the cute teddy bears, adorable Camo blankets and hundreds of baby clothes y’all will be sure to have heaps of baby bibs stashed away for your new arrival. While a bib is useful for keeping spills and messes from getting all over your bub, they have also become super stylish and some even come as part of an outfit.

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Make a statement with this adorable Camo baby bib that daddy is sure to love. The front of the bib is made from Camo cotton complete with the cute embroidered phrase. The back of the bib has orange minky fabric wiith an easy snap clip for wearing. While this particular bib isn’t the perfect option for keeping your bub dry (it isn’t absorbent), it certainly will look great with a cute Camo outfit.

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