Sweet Camo Bubs

Boys and Girls Camo Baby Gift Sets

Boys and Girls Camo Baby Gift Sets, perfect for baby showers.

Dressing babies can be fun. You get to dress them in things that you love and they don’t argue about it. There are the most awesome outfits out there for your lil’ ones, y’all can find anything from Camo to mermaids and unicorns. These baby gift sets are perfect for those who love their Camo, AND they come in girls and boys sets!

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If you’re looking for an awesome baby shower gift or something special for your lil’ one, look no further! These sets come with everything your new bub needs. We love that you can choose between the pink or grey for your girl or boy. The set comes in matching Camo fabric with a gorgeous lil’ outfit, bibs, cloths, pacifier clip, blanket and a few extra’s. How awesome is it to have all of your bub’s things in matching Camo fabric?!

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