Deer Lil’ Daryl

"Daryl The Deer" Crochet Stuffed Buck Toy

“Daryl The Deer” Crochet Stuffed Buck Toy perfect for your lil’ one’s plush toy collection.

If you’ve got kids then there’s prob’ly goin’ to be heaps of toys scattered through your house at any given time. Plush toys are a great pick for kids of all ages and are always a lovely addition to bedroom decor and gifts.

Have a look at this awesome guy we found for y’all.

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How dang cute is lil’ Daryl the deer?! This guy is hand crocheted and stuffed and makes the perfect cuddle buddy for any child. If you are the crafty type, take this as inspiration and create your very own snuggle buddy in the design that you like. Toys like these are perfect for displaying in rustic bedrooms and make awesome gifts for babies and toddlers.

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