Snow Camo baby booties – Crawl with Camo Confidence!

White Camo Baby Shoes

Snow Camo Baby Shoes – The most adorable slippers for your baby!

It’s always a battle to find the perfect lil’ outfit for a gorgeous newborn. Their delicate skin means we need to find something soft and comfy, but also fitting to our Camo fashion-taste! These adorable booties are the best slippers you could possibly get to protect their precious little feet.

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Handmade with microfleece, these booties are non-slip and waterproof – meaning your baby can wonder about in style and stay warm! The cute Snow Camo fabric is super soft, and will make em’ other kids cry with jealousy. These booties will no doubt nurture your babies chubby feet and give them a style boost like no other shoes!

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