Say Bye-bye to Boring Boppy Pillows

Camo, Buck and Floral Print Boppy Pillow Cover

Camo, Buck and Floral Print Boppy Pillow Cover – Add a lil’ something special to your boppy pillow.

When y’all are shopping for all your baby essentials, you are sure to see that everything is in the same boring colors and designs. Mix things up by customizing your mommy goodies in Camo designs and styles that you love. Being a mom doesn’t mean you have to give up on your awesome country style.

We have found the perfect pillow case for your boppy to start with.

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Throw in some rustic Camo style and show off your country vibes with this awesome boppy pillow cover. The cover is made from a beautiful rustic deer and Camo fabric and is finished off with a beautiful floral trim. This pillow case fits over your standard boppy pillow and makes a beautiful personalized baby shower gift.

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