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Forest Friends Crochet Hat Patterns

Forest Friends Crochet Hat Patterns, for those of y’all who love a DIY project.

Why buy it when you can make it? There are so many awesome ideas to draw inspiration from, as well as patterns and tutorials on how to make almost anything you want. We have found the perfect DIY pattern for those of y’all who like to knit or crochet. These lil’ hats are so darn cute, you might even get a few orders in for them.

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Have the satisfaction of making your very own forest friend hat collection for your lil’ one. This crochet pattern comes with 3 woodland themed patterns in one pack – a fox, raccoon and deer, in a variety of small sizes. Have fun creating your very own country style gifts for your lil’ ones, family and friends. These would look gosh darn cute on any kid on a cold winter day, and are so cute your kids may not even want to take them off.

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