Camo Comfort All Year Round

Camo Fleece Womans Onesies

Camo Fleece Womans Onesies, for the ultimate in Camo comfort.

What could be better than snuggling up on the sofa in your fleece onesie? A Camo fleece onesie of course. Adult size onesies are the latest trend, and for good reason. They are comfortable and snug and quick to throw on after a long day at work. We have found the perfect onesies for our Camo ladies out there.

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These cozy onesies are made from a fluffy Camo fleece fabric. They come with a hood and full length zipper for ultimate comfort. The great thing about these is that they are made with short bottoms instead of long, which make these great for summer and winter evenings alike. For the colder nights throw on a pair of winter leggings or fluffy socks under your onesie to enjoy your Camo comfort all year long.

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