Camo, Stars & Stripes

Camo and Flag Cap with Shotgun Shell

Camo, Stars and Stripes Cap with Shotgun Shell, a one of a kind find!

We know how much y’all love America, and are proud to show it! There is such a wide range of America branded apparel these days, you can find anything you want marked with stars and stripes. We have found a great lil’ hat that combines the best of stars and stripes PLUS Camo, it doesn’t get much better than that!

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This cap has to be one of the darn coolest things we have found. It brings together the perfect mix of patriotic American and Camo country. This AWESOME cap is made from a Camo fabric which boasts the American flag on the front of the cap. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, the cap also has a 12 gauge shotgun shell on the bill of the hat. This makes a great gift for men and women alike.

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