The Mark of a Country Gal

Pink Camo Buckmark Necklaces

Pink Camo Buckmark Necklaces, one for every outfit in your closet.

Accessories come in many different forms, from hats to scarves and jewelry. A great piece of jewelry can add that something extra to your outfit, and can dress a casual outfit up into something pretty for the evening. These necklaces are a great option for casual wear, and make excellent gifts for your besties too.

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What’s not to love about these buckmark necklaces?! The sterling silver chain is available is various lengths to suit your own style. The buckmark pendants are treated with a Camo design, and each one has their own unique look, which means no one will have the same one. What we love most is the addition of the 9mm bullet with crystal detail which makes this perfect for any country gal.

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