Camo & Canvas Teepee Fun

Camo and Canvas Play Teepee

Camo and Canvas Play Teepee for hours of endless fun.

There are so many awesome finds out there for kids, it sometimes makes us jealous that we aren’t kids too! We have found the coolest lil’ “tent” that will make being indoors almost as exciting as being in the great outdoors. This is great for any room in your home where our kids love to play.

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This has to be the coolest teepee we have every seen. The entire tent is made from canvas with an awesome Camo printed front “door” that ties back to reveal the inside. We really love the addition of the tiny window, also made from Camo, that also rolls up. Having this teepee brings the outdoors in and is sure to keep your kids out of mischief on cold or rainy days.

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