Beautiful & Badass – Has a Nice Ring to it!

'Beautiful Badass' Handstamped Pewter Ring

‘Beautiful and Badass’ Handstamped Pewter Ring, for the ladies who like rustic accessories.

Rustic jewelry is a thing! There are so many old techniques and materials that are coming back into fashion and being chosen over the shiny new bling of today. We love how rustic handmade jewelry looks, and we love that many of this jewelry is made from up-cycled materials which adds to the rustic trend, but is also better for the environment.

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These badass rings are handmade from pewter, which is a cheaper metal but durable. The rings are handstamped with a phrase perfect for the wild at heart country gals out there. This ring will make a beautiful statement while adding to the style of your outfit. If y’all are looking for a gift for a special gal pal, this is definitely an excellent option.

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