Say it with a Stamp

Vintage Metal and Up-cycled Leather Hand Stamped Jewelry

Handstamped Vintage Metal and Up-cycled Leather Bracelets for ladies who want to make a statement.

Jewelry can be feminine and dainty, or it can be bold and chunky. Either way, whatever y’all choose to wear makes a statement as to what you like. The latest trend is jewelry with words and phrases on them, a trend not for the shy. If you are looking to speak your mind in a slightly more subtle way, then these stamped bracelets are a winning pick for you.

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If y’all love statement jewelry that has a vintage look to it, then these bracelets are perfect for y’all. These are all made from up-cycled leather straps and/or vintage metal, most of which comes from a vintage spoon (who would’a thought?). Each of these have been hand stamped with different phrases and quotes, y’all can take your pick at which one suits your personality best.

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