Pinned Straight to the Rustic Heart

Rustic Heart Hair or Scarf Pin

Rustic Heart Hair or Scarf Pin, a lil’ something different to add to your accessory collection.

Accessories are so much more than just your jewelry collection. Anything that adds to styling your outfit and adds a personal touch to your look can be called an accessory. We love finding things that are versatile and that can fit into more than one of your accessory collections, this is the perfect example of just that!

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How cool is this rustic looking pin?! Add some interest to your hairstyle by adding this brass pin to your do, perfect for a special occasion or date night in the country. If y’all love your scarves, then this pin can also be used as a scarf pin to add some elegance to your look. Get creative and find your own uses and style for this awesome lil’ accessory that can fit right in your purse for on the go styling.

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