Keepin’ Warm Camo Style

Camo Fleece Beanies

Camo Fleece Beanies, to match your favorite winter Camo outfit.

The country can get real cold, even in the summer time. Y’all need to always be prepared with your warm Camo gear throughout the entire year. This item is a great addition to your camping or hiking trip and goes perfectly with your hunting gear as well.

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These Camo fleece beanies will have you feeling warm and snug on those cold winter outdoor adventures. The beanie is made from your choice of Camo fleece and lined with an additional layer, which makes it wind resistant and extra warm. There is also an awesome orange rim detail on each to match your Camo wear perfectly. These are a great addition to your closet and can be worn with any of your outfits, even if you are not planning an outdoor trip in the winter time.

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