Y’all Have Got to be Kitten Me

Camo Cat Collar

Camo Cat Collar – Show your fur baby some Camo love

There’s nothing better than having an adorable furry friend enter your lives. A comfortin’ presence and a good source of company, cats are the ideal pet – they don’t demand nothin’, except your love! In saying that, why not show them some love, with this gorgeous Camo Cat Collar!

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Minimalistic with earthy orange and brown tones, this handmade collar features a metal slide adjuster and breakaway buckle – to make sure it perfectly fits your darlin’ kitty! Also, the collar has a metal ring and a choice of a bell – adding a little jingle to the ordinary cat collar, or a single letter initial ID tag! Made out of reinforced cotton fabric, these collars are both soft and durable, and of course super comfortable for your pet! Y’all should definitely consider gettin’ one of these stylish collars for your beloved cat!

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