Oh Deer!

Adorable Buck and Doe Plush Toys

Adorable Buck and Doe Plush Toys perfect for any country bub’s plush collection.

When it comes to buying toys for your kids, y’all are sure to be lookin’ for something that will last long plus bring many hours of play. Plush toys are always a great option for kids of all ages. Babies love ’em to hold and cuddle, older tots love ’em for sleeping with and having tea parties with.

Y’all can’t go wrong with one of these adorable plush toys for your lil’ buck or doe.

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These deer plush toys are darn cute for both boys and gals. Choose between a buck or a doe handmade from soft fleece, making it the perfect cuddle buddy for your lil’ one. These make awesome nursery decor for your outdoor woodland themed nursery, as well as an awesome baby shower gift.

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