Country Style with a Touch o’ Class

Cute Lil' Doe Ring

The Cute Lil’ Doe Ring – Add a touch of glamour to your downhome style.

Lookin’ to treat your best friend with an adorable gift, simply because you wanna brighten her day? Or perhaps you are struggling to find the perfect gift for a family member. Whatever the case, we’ve got y’all covered.

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Handmade and 18kt gold plated, this cute Lil’ Doe Ring is country-style and elegant, with the intricately-crafted doe, very unique and a definite must-have! The ring is approximately size 7, however the best part about the ring is you can adjust it to suit your size fingers and to make sure it’s comfortable. This ring will go with every outfit, and the gold and silver colours the ring comes in will add a touch of glamour to your downhome style.

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