Cinderella Ain’t Got Nothin’ on These Heels.

Hand-painted White Camo Bridal Shoes

One of a kind, handpainted white Camo bridal shoes that are sure to leave your guests wowed.

These Camo shoes are an amazing find. We are sure that these heels will be at the top of many Camo Bride’s lists. What’s really awesome about these is that they are customizable and made to your requirements. That means if you are having a pink Camo wedding, they can add a touch of pink rhinestones for some sparkle. If you prefer the rough ‘n tough look, why not add a gunshot hole and casings to your design. The possibilities are endless in creating your own masterpiece, much like the concept of marriage itself (we love the metaphor these shoes carry).

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If these heels are too high for you, change your order to flats. If you are in the mood to splurge, why not buy heels for your ceremony and flats for your reception, after all not all of us are made for dancin’ in heels.

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White Camo bridal shoes – Glammin’ up your Camo style (source: Etsy)