A Look “Too Too” Cute for Y’all

Layers of tulle burstin’ into a handmade orange Camo flower girl tutu.

Who doesn’t love a lil’ girl in a tutu dress? We love this less traditional look for the Camo brides of Fall. Imagine your gorgeous gal’s walking down the aisle at sunset in this fiery orange tutu. This skirt is perfect for your Camo wedding with just the right amount of pretty. Y’all can add your own style to this look by adding your own top and shoes to create the completed dress you imagined for your girl’s.

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This lil’ skirt is handmade with layers of tulle and ribbon. Pair the tutu with a matchin’ Camo tank to complete the look. If y’all are lookin’ for something way less traditional, why not pair the tutu with a lil’ Camo  huntin’ vest and boots.

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Camo and Orange Flowergirl Tutu Dress

Pretty in orange and tulle (source: Etsy)