Cinderella Ain’t Got Nothin’ on This Country Bride

Elegant White Camo Wedding Dress with Beading

Elegant White Camo Wedding Dress with Beading, a princess dress with a camo twist.

I am sure every lil’ girl has grown up dreaming of their wedding day and the huge ballgown they might wear. If that wasn’t you, maybe you dreamed of getting married in your boots in a barn. Either way, we have found a wedding dress that suits both of those lil’ girls’ dreams.

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This gorgeous gown brings the elegance of the princess dream and the rustic country look together. It is made from white or ivory satin and has a full ballgown skirt. The unique thing we love about it is that it incorporates beautiful pieces of Camo fabric on the bodice and skirt, yet doesn’t compromise the elegance of the dress. If you love sparkle, this dress has added beading to add some extra shimmer.

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