Light Up the Place as Mr & Mrs

Rustic Wedding Marquee Lights

Rustic Wedding Marquee Lights, ditch the candles and go for these instead!

Looking for the perfect decor for your rustic country wedding has been made easy with th joys of online shopping. Y’all can find just about anything your heart desires for your wedding, from burlap to wooden cake stands to draping and lights. We have found a lil’ somthin’ to light up your wedding table as Mr and Mrs on your big day.

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Lighting is so important for creating a romantic atmosphere, especially at a wedding. Most couples go for candles or fairy lights, but why follow the crowd when you can choose these? Whether you choose Mr & Mrs, or perhaps your combines initials, these rustic lights will look pretty darn awesome on your main table. These wooden light signs can be used in your home after your wedding as a special keepsake.

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